Family Osteopathy

Osteopathy is for the whole family. I have treated everyone from a three day old baby to a wonderful ninety three year old lady in a care home. In one of the many families that I have had the pleasure of treating I have seen four generations, which is like seeing a jigsaw coming together. I find that once someone has seen me and has had good results I tend to be recommended to other members of the family and their friends.

Osteopathic techniques can vary greatly from the very gentle to stronger full body movements. The gentle techniques are designed to work on everyone including soothing and relaxing babies or an elderly patient with many aches and pains. As we become adults, we become more physical and our bodies may need a treatment which balances that level of energy. One of the many skills I have learnt through my years of experience is to work out which type of treatment will work best for each patient. We are all individuals and we respond differently with each technique so I will treat each person within a family differently to gain great results for all.