What To Expect

This page should help you to understand what to expect from a ‘normal’ osteopathy appointment. Please do get in touch if you would like to talk to me directly about how your appointments will run.

With the continued COVID pandemic changes have been made to reduce the risk of spread of the virus. The room is disinfected between clients, with new clean bedding for each, my clothes are also changed between client also. PPE is also worn.

First consultation:

Your first consultation will usually last up to an one hour. However sometimes it might last slightly longer if needs are complex. A case history will be taken which includes personal details, the reason why you have come and a medical history. This is followed by postural and mobility assessments. Then your condition and the best approach to its treatment will be explained. Treatment is started in your first consultation. Subsequent consultations last forty minutes.

Osteopathy Techniques:

I trained at the European School of Osteopathy which trains students in the a full range of treatment techniques. This means I can treat you the way you prefer to be treated or I will choose what I think will be best for you. Structural osteopathy uses stretching and articulation of joints, massage and manipulation of joints. Many people have the wrong perception of this type of osteopathy as it is mostly pain free and quite relaxing. If I am working directly on a painful area it may be uncomfortable for a short time but a lot of patients describe it as good pain as they can feel the treatment working. I also regularly treat purely with cranial treatment which is a much lighter technique. This technique can be used all over the body not just on the head and because it is so light, I can help treat babies, children, maternity patients and older patients as well as everyone else with it.

Stretches, postural exercise and advice on work positions are usually given during treatment. When appropriate, diagnostic tests such as x-rays and scans can be arranged for you during a course of treatment.

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How long will my course of treatment last?

Typically, I would expect to see considerable improvement within two to six treatments, although sometimes a single treatment is sufficient. However, your treatment plan is unique to you, and symptom resolution will depend on the nature of your condition and how you respond to treatment.

You are welcome to bring along another person to accompany you during treatment. During assessment and treatment you can either change down to underwear or alternatively bring along a pair of loose shorts, leggings and a vest top.

If you have any questions about what will happen in the treatment process please feel free to contact me.

What to wear?

Depending on the reason why you have come to see me will depend on how much you will need to undress. Quite often I do ask patients to undress down to their underwear so I can do a full physical assessment. If you feel uncomfortable with this please bring a loose pair of shorts and and a vest top for females.

A face mask is mandatory for all adults and children over 12, younger than that can if they want to. Please make sure the mask is well fitted and squeezed over the nose.

Can I bring someone along with me?

If you would prefer to have someone along with you then an extra person is more than welcome to all appointments. But due to COVID please consider is this is entirely necessary. The size of the treatment room, I would be grateful if it is only one extra person. If you have children who need to come along they are also more than welcome; I have a box full of toys and books they can play with.