Mature Bodies

Old woman sitting on the beach looking away at copyspace. Senior female sitting outdoorsAs the body ages, it tends to be more injury prone and recovery can take longer. However, no two bodies are the same and the fitness level and general health of an 85 year old patient can be better than someone 20 years their junior.

I don’t believe that aches and pain should go hand in hand with getting old. I have seen many patients that have been told that their pain is down to old age and there is nothing that can be done. Luckily they did not believe this and looked to osteopathy for help. Osteopathic treatment can improve alignment of a joint, reduce muscle tension and improve overall function which in turn reduces pain in an area.

Activity and movement is fundamental to the human body. Without this health is severely affected at any age. When pain reduces the ability to move it can also affect their overall health. This is why osteopathy is important as the body ages to allow it to function as best it can for as long as possible. Mature bodies tend to take a little longer to respond to treatment but this usually only means one or two extra sessions are needed.


Treatment of Mature Bodies

When treating mature bodies I usually use a more gentle treatment approach. Structural osteopathy can be as gentle as a patient needs it to be, with light stretching and message of muscles and general articulation to move all the joints through their natural range of motion. I often use cranial techniques as well to release joints and improve function throughout an area.


Some medication does contraindicate the use of certain techniques, such as warfarin and deep soft tissue message. If you are on any medication please bring in details of it so I can make the correct decision on what treatment type is correct for you.