Sports Injury

Shot of a young man stretching his leg before a runMy clients can vary from rugby players to yoga teachers. Sometimes the love of a sport can push you to the point of straining your body. Repetitive exercise will always put strain on joints. As long as everything is functioning correctly your body will build endurance to this exercise. However any dysfunction or imbalance can have an impact on the body which usually effects the weakest point of the chain. With sports people the smallest imbalances can have a significant affect on their performance. A couple of osteopathic treatments can rebalance and improve function of one or more areas, improving performance and reducing the likelihood of severe sports injury.

Many people have heard of injuries common in certain sports like tennis or golfers elbow which respond very well to osteopathic treatment* but there are many other injuries common to sport, such as sprains and strain, subluxations and dislocations or fractures. Many of these injuries need time to heal with a long period of rest or even surgery. After this time osteopathy can help the surrounding areas recover and improve healing allowing the injured area to be stronger than ever.


I am trained to understand the impact a sport might have on your body and to provide you with training and stretches that will help to ensure your injury does not recur when you return to sport. Stretches are quite regularly done incorrectly, which either makes them ineffective or can actually make a problem area worse. I have treated so many people who have tried to do the stretches they have seen on the internet, stretched incorrectly and have then not improved matters. Without a trained practitioner teaching you the right position I believe many stretches become a waste of time.

(* see what is osteopathy page for details)